Campbell, Big Lake, earns first hospital seat

Thomas Campbell, of Big Lake, MN, became the first to earn one of four hospital board spots up for grabs in this year’s election.

The Minnesota Secretary of State website reported at 2:14 a.m. that Campbell had earned 1,393 votes, or, 516 more votes than Marvin Rydberg in the race to be the Big Lake city representative on the board. When the final tallies were added up, Campbell had bumped his total to 1,807 votes, or, 605 more than his opponent.

Campbell has a financial background and has in fact served on the hospital’s financial advisory board. He earned 59.58 percent of the vote. Rydberg, who earned 39.6 percent of the vote, served three consecutive terms on the hospital board through 2008 before losing a reelection bid four years ago.

The incumbent, Ervin Danielowski, did not run for reelection.