Herbst retains titles of mayor, Mr. Monticello

Clint Herbst, also known as Mr. Monticello, will be returning to his job as mayor of Monticello for his ninth and 10th year after a landslide victory over challenger Brad Fyle.

He received 3,561 votes (66.8 percent) to Fyle’s 1,738 votes (32.6 percent).

Herbst, who has lived in Monticello since 1972, has held a public office in town for the majority of the last two plus decades. He was originally elected to city council in 1990, where he served three four-year terms. In 2004, Herbst ran successfully for mayor, and has served as the mayor of Monticello ever since.

While Herbst and the city have faced some backlash over Fibernet, the city’s broadband Internet company, they maintain that it continues to accomplish positive things, such as lowering service prices across the area while raising internet speed.

Fyle, a Monticello High School graduate like Herbst, is also a former mayor. He served for two years in the early 1990s.

He proved to be a rather easy conquest for Herbst, as the incumbent doubled up the vote total of his challenger.

Tom Perrault (3,606 votes) and Glen Posusta (2,612 votes) retain their spots on the Monticello city council, as they ran unopposed in this years election. There were 174 write-in votes in the council race.


NOTE: The number of votes for each candidate has been changed in this story to mirror changes made on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. The city of Monticello was originally shown as casting nearly 2,000 more votes than they really did. (10:30 a.m. Nov. 8)