Letter: Resident pleased with local care

To the editor:

More than month ago I had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.  It was a four-hour surgery and an eight-day stay in the hospital.
I just want to thank all of the staff at New River Medical Center for the excellent care I got.
The staff in Intensive Care unit was wonderful, especially Kathy who was always there for me.
Once I got to my room, the surgical nurses and staff were not only helpful, but pleasant and caring, too. They were there to help me in any way I needed. A special thanks goes to Dr. Troy Ivey, who was just superb in my books.
He was very thorough and caring and I could understand him when he told me what procedures I underwent.
I really owe him for saving my life, and in his words, “That is my job.”
We have a very good facility and caring people who continue to work at New River Medical Center, and we need the community behind it.  I would never be afraid to recommend anyone going to our hospital.

Ellen Bjornlie