Election results get a canvass by Monticello City Council

City councils must canvass election returns within three to 10 days after a general election.
Monticello city leaders quickly completed that task Tuesday night.
On Election Day 2012 there were 6,164 registered voters recorded when the polls officially opened at 7 a.m. at the Monticello Community Center. According to Deputy Clerk Cathy Shuman, 1,356 new voter registrations were processed during the course of the day. A total of 5,523 votes were recorded on Election Day and 484 absentee ballots were received and added to the vote totals. An election tally spreadsheet provided by Shuman showed all city of Monticello returns.
Write-in totals were adjusted according to Minnesota election rules that require all ballots to be manually reviewed for write-ins.
Shuman said write-ins that did not have the oval filled in would not have been counted when the ballot was scanned through the polling tabulator machine.
These write-ins must be tallied and adjusted in the vote totals. Shuman and City Administrator Jeff O’Neill stated in a background memo to council that local election judges did a good job of explaining that fact of election life to local voters.
They stated Monticello only reported about a dozen write-in adjustments out of 5,523 ballots reviewed.
Monticello is an extremely large, single precinct with more 6,100 registered voters, Shuman stated in an email. Thus, it takes a long time to close the polls.
Last week’s election results were uploaded to the Minnesota Secretary of State around 4 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7.
She confirmed election figures for Monticello appearing on the secretary of state’s website weren’t correct at the time local media such as the Monticello Times began posting election results.
“I don’t know what caused the discrepancy but I do know that our numbers were accurate at the time that Wright County sent them in to the state,” she said.
The following are local general election results from a summary sheet provided by Shuman. Key federal, state, county and local races results are included in this report.
U.S. PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT: Romney/Ryan, 3,140, Obama/Biden, 2,681;
U.S. SENATOR: Amy Klobuchar, 3,383, Kurt Bills, 2,072;
U.S. REPRESENTATIVE – DISTRICT 6: Jim Graves, 2,992, Michele Bachmann, 2,815;
STATE SENATOR DISTRICT 29: Bruce Anderson, 3,041, Brian Doran, 2,567;
STATE REPRESENATIVE, DISTRICT 29B: Marion O’Neill, 2,548, Barrett Chrissis, 2,471, Eugene Newcombe, 515; WRIGHT COUNTY COMMISSIONER: Pat Sawatzke, 2,888, Rose Thelen, 2,276; MARRIAGE AMENDMENT: No, 3,022, Yes,  2,907; Voter I.D: Yes, 3,405, No, 2,510. CITY MAYOR: Clint Herbst, 3,561, Brad Fyle, 1,738; CITY COUNCIL: Tom Perrault, 3,606, Glen Posusta, 2,612; HOSPITAL DISTRICT BOARD-AT LARGE: Deborah Olson, 1,545, Linda Doerr, 1,336, Bruce Hamond, 1,507; HOSPITAL BOARD-MONTICELLO: Sheldon Johnson, 1,721, Barbara Scanlon, 1,633, Bill Mickle, 1,057.
Council members unanimously approved a motion accepting the election results Tuesday.