Monticllo City Council amends snowmobile trail map

City leaders agreed Monday night to amend the city’s previously approved 2012-2013 snowmobile route map after reviewing a request from a local rider group.
Council members approved the current map Oct. 22. The Monticello Trailblazers Snowmobile Club recently approached city staff and requested a route change.
Street Superintendent Tom Moores stated in a background memo to council that the club wanted the city to approve two new spurs to the current map.
The proposed additions to the route map will have no impact on city crews. The snowmobile club will place any signage that is necessary, Moores stated.
The first spur would come through the Schluender property to River City Extreme.
The second spur would come from the David Spike property just south of the City Industrial Park on the west side of the city by Chelsea Road.
This route spur would go through the industrial park on the east side of a storm water pond east of Dalheimer Distributing and cross Chelsea Road to Moon Motor Sports.
Moores stated the Monticello Trailblazers Snowmobile Club contacted Schluender for permission to cross the property and had obtained support from River City Extreme and Moon Motor Sports regarding snowmobile route access.
During discussion, Mayor Clint Herbst said city staff needed to make sure that Monticello Trailblazers Snowmobile Club members had the revised map in hand.
“We make sure Wright County Sheriff deputies have maps in hand when they pull somebody over,” Herbst said.
“Riders should be tagged if they go through yards and property where they don’t have permission to be. We need to enforce this.” Councilmember Brian Stumpf was concerned about riders getting access.
Stumpf specifically mentioned limited snowmobile route access on the east and southeast sides of the city.
Councilmember Glen Posusta agreed with Stumpf.
“Brian brings up a good point,” Posusta said. “There’s nothing on the west side. And if you want to ride to Otsego, how do you get there?”
Herbst remained critical of riders being where they should not be. “I still want the cops to have maps to give to them,” he said.
City Public Works Director Bob Paschke said the map would be posted on the city website. “We will make sure they get some maps,” he told Herbst, referring to the   Monticello Trailblazers Snowmobile Club.
Paschke pointed out Monday night snowmobilers would be traveling legally if they used Wright County right of way.