Pleased with CentraCare affiliation

To the editor:

We are delighted that New River Medical Center has decided to affiliate with CentraCare Health System.
Prior to moving to Becker from the Twin Cities area about 18 years ago, we didn’t have a clinic we could consider our own.
Instead, we saw doctors at many different clinics. Since going to the CentraCare Clinic in Becker, we have been very happy with our care and feel at home.
Our physicians are wonderful and the staff is so helpful and caring.
We have had family members from the Twin Cities make a special trip to Becker for their health care needs after hearing our wonderful experience.
We also go to CentraCare in St. Cloud for heart and cancer care when needed. The specialists we see for these conditions have been very thorough and reassuring.
With CentraCare, we have experienced consistently wonderful care from compassionate people during the past 10 years for many different health concerns.
We are glad to hear that others in the Monticello area also will get to experience the same wonderful care through this new affiliation.

Conway Thompson
Rhea Thompson