Letter: Commissioners praised regarding stance on pay

To the editor:

I found it interesting that the minutes from the Wright County Board of Commissioners meeting of Dec. 12, 2012, indicated the highest-paid Wright County employee, County Attorney Tom Kelly, threatened to sue Wright County, his employer, if he did not receive the 3 percent pay increase he requested for 2013.
What’s troubling about this, besides the rapacious nature of the threat, is the fact that Kelly has every legal right to sue the county to get what he wants.
For some reason, this seems seriously out of touch with the way the rest of the world operates.
In almost 30 years of working in the private sector as a full-time employee and also as an independent consultant, I have never heard of anyone, even in jest, consider the idea of suing their employer to obtain a pay raise. In the private sector, this idea is laughable.
So why is it that this public servant has the ability to sue his employer, which at the end of the day is the taxpayer, to obtain a pay raise?
I applaud those Wright County commissioners who stood up to Kelly’s heavy-handed “negotiation” technique.

Tom McGregor
Maple Lake