Letter: Legislators need to enact cottage food law in Minnesota

To the editor:

Did you know that selling cakes and cookies from home isn’t legal?
Neither did I until I did some research to find out what I’d need to start a home baking business.
In 2009 citizens of Michigan were having the same debate. They started a petition and in 2010 HB 5837: Michigan Cottage Food Operation Bill, was signed.
A total of 33 states have passed or modified this bill, enabling people to start their home food businesses without high costs and with hopes of growing into something larger at a more cost effective rate.
In 2011, Minnesota Statutes were revised, 28A.15 Exclusions, Subdivision 9, basically saying we can sell baked goods at craft/ bake sales and farmers’ markets, but we still need some revisions made to help home bakers sell directly from home.
We need a Cottage Food Law that allows us to advertise to the public.
We need to be able topost information guidelines for home food processing on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s website. The cap on how much money we’re allowed to earn needs to be removed.
We’d appreciate if you’d sign our petition at: http://t.co/WpnK47XO You’ll find more information on my blog: http://shelleyjeanerickson.wordpress.com/2012/10/10/minnesota-cottage-food-law-for-home-bakers/

Shelley Erickson
Big Lake