Letter: FiberNet remains a costly venture for city residents in Monticello

To the editor:

I imagine the city council and administration are looking for a new challenge now that they’re the dominant force in the telecommunications industry for this area.
After all, they now have TDS, Charter and others set back on their heels and gasping for air.
And they did all of this while maintaining their pledge, “This project will not cost the taxpayers of Monticello one single dime.”
Really? The reports in the Monticello Times must be in error, or maybe the council thinks the money in the reserve funds doesn’t belong to the taxpayers.
Anyway, I’m thinking maybe they should go after the energy business and take on the likes of Xcel and CenterPoint.
Just think, in just a few years we could be the first city in the nation that is completely energy independent.
They could probably find a disgruntled employee from Xcel to act as their adviser. They already have access to right of way so that’s a plus for them.
Or maybe they would fine retail more appealing. They already have years of experience at this trade. (Well, it’s a monopoly, but it’s still selling merchandise over the counter.)
Whatever their endeavor, they need to make sure the competitors play by the rules established by the city.
They shouldn’t be permitted to package their services or reduce their rates to be competitive and protect their customer base because that’s not fair to the city.
As I’ve said before, I don’t think the city should be involved in private enterprises.
They’ve proven my point with this venture, where it’s already cost us several thousand dollars and I’m betting it will be in the millions before we’re done.

Walt Markling