Monticello Fire Department releases its 2012 annual activity, call report

There were 203 calls which required 3,980 man hours. The average attendance at a call was 16 men. The breakdown of calls is as follows: Monticello City – 105, Monticello Township – 54, Silver Creek Township – 20 and Otsego City – 7. Mutual aid was given 17 times (included in day or night totals) and received 10 times. We had 110 calls during the daytime (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and 93 calls during the night (6 p.m. to 6 a.m.). Two chief’s meetings were held during the year which required 8 men for 22 man hours, and an officers’ meeting which involved eight men for 24 man hours.
During the year we had 17 training sessions requiring 862 man hours. The average attendance per session was 2 men. In addition, we had 12 work nights requiring 498 man hours. We also had 17 special drills as follows: Standby for Big Lake Fire Dept. (5 men, 2 man hours), Flashover Simulator Training (5 men, 20 man hours), Pipeline Safety Class (4 men, 12 man hours), Tabletop Session forWild Fires (2 men, 4 man hours), Prairie Grass Burn (7 men, 27 man hours), Structure Pre-Burn (10 men, 30 man hours), Prescribed Burn (9 men, 18 man hours) North Memorial Training (2 men, 6 man hours), Mock Crash at Monticello High School (10 men, 34 man hours), House Burn (17 men, 101 man hours), Buffalo House Burn (3 men, 21 man hours), New River Medical Center Director Info Meeting (20 men, 40 man  hours), Paper Mill in Sartell (2 men, 20 man hours), Paper Mill in Sartell (1 man, 12 hours), Fire Truck Pumping (5 men, 165 man hours), two Live Training Burns (21 men and 138 man hours). First Responder Training was attended by two men for 73 man hours, and three men attended the Firefighter 1 class which required 266 man hours.
During the year, fire investigation aid was given for a structure in Rockford (3 men, 12 man hours), a structure in Elk River (2 men, 8 man hours), and a structure in Albertville (1 man, 2 man hours). Fire investigation training was held during the year (7 men, 28 man hours), along with quarterly meetings (9 men, 22 man hours).
Activities/Public Relations for the year include:
The Monticello Lions Club honored the department at their annual Chili Feed in February.
Participation in local festivities/celebrations/events including Big Lake’s Spud Fest festivities and parade; Trinity Lutheran Church’s 5K Run; Monticello’s Riverfest activities at the dance, parade, and were on hand for the fireworks (12 men, 24 man hours); Veolia Landfill’s Open House; Breast Cancer Run at The Station Bar & Grill; two neighborhood block parties; New River Medical Center’s Open House (1 man, 4 man hours), the Carlisle Village block party (2 men, 4 man hours); and Home Depot’s Safety Awareness Day.
The department was on standby at the Big Lake Fire Station for their annual dance (5 men, 25 man hours), and at Monticello High School’s Homecoming bonfire (11 men, 22 man hours). They also visited the Monticello elementary schools during Fire Prevention Week (17 men, 48 man hours).
The department held their Annual Steak Fry in August, and Annual Christmas Family Brunch in December. They also hosted their 1st Annual Holiday/Retirement Party in December.

Compiled by Monticello Fire Department Secretary Neil B. Kranz.