Letter: Commissioners need to be challenged about park funding

To the editor:

I am asking all concerned Wright County residents to contact their county commissioner to tell them to stop further funding for the Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park (BCLRP).
To date, half the park land has been purchased.  There would be no money wasted if we stopped this project now.
The land that has been purchased is contiguous and the county already operates a park on the property.  The only difference is it would be smaller and save the taxpayers of Wright County millions of dollars.
For those of you who live in Commissioner Borrell’s and Commissioner Potter’s district challenge them.  According to an interview done by the Annandale Advocate on February 6, 2013 both commissioners are in favor of the funding going forward.  However, both stated that had they been on the board when the project started they would have voted no.  If they didn’t agree with it then, why are they agreeing with it now?
For those of you who live in Commissioner Daleiden’s district challenge him.  He is in favor of the funding going forward.  According to the same article from the Annandale Advocate he feels the county hasn’t spent that much considering the overall price.  What Commissioner Daleiden has forgotten is that we are all residents of the state of Minnesota and we all have paid for the state’s part.  And is it right for someone living in Cass County to pay for a park in Wright County that they will never use?
For those of you who live in Commissioner Husom’s district challenge her.  One of her campaign issues taken from her literature: “Government is best served locally where officials are in touch with their neighbors.  We need to cut expenses and lower taxes to keep people in their homes and stimulate business growth.”  The BCLRP is not a local issue due to the fact that the state of Minnesota is the dominating contributor in this county issue.  Had state money not been available, I highly doubt this project would have even gone forward.  Another question for Commissioner Husom, isn’t this an excellent way to cut expenses and lower our taxes?  At this point in time buying more park land is not a need or a priority for the best use of our tax dollars.
For those of you who live in Commissioner Sawatzke’s district challenge him.  He was a commissioner when this project began and has voted in favor of each step of funding.
How much park land do we need in Wright County?  Are our current parks so overused and crowded that we need more park land?  All of us know the answer to this question.  The majority of our parks are used very little.  Is this the best use of our tax dollars in these tough economic times?
For more information on the BCLRP go to www.wrightcountywatch.org.  Get informed and contact your commissioner.

Terri Malachek
Corinna Township

  • Isabelle Olson

    Terri Malacheck should maybe take a stroll in the local parks. They are indeed used by many local residents and contribute much to our enjoyment of this area. I am grateful that the commissioners are able to look beyond just our generation and are preserving lands that future generations can also call their own, particularly since much of the monies are secured via grants. Thank you, commissioners, for your vision. I applaud your efforts.

  • Brian Anderson

    Stopping funding of this park will NOT lower our taxes, since a majority of this money is coming from State grants, if we stop taking this grant money it simply means the grant money will go to another community somewhere in the state of MInnesota. The state is not going to stop funding parks so I would prefer they fund a park in our county that we can use rather than using my tax dollars to fund a park in Northern Minnesota that I will not use.

    Park space in wright county is not abundant, there are a few small parks but none that provide any true recreational uses, Bertram will have lakes, beaches, trails, boat launches, picnic areas, play areas, etc and these are all needed in wright county.

    I applaud the Wright county Commisioners for there fore sight of funding this park and keeping this area pristine and not covered with houses. This will truely be a park for generations to come to go to and enjoy a real piece of nature.

  • Ryan. Direr

    What is it going to cost to maintain the park year after year after year,and how much of that cost is going to be put on the backs of the taxpayers. So the Monticello residents will be paying the states portion, the county’s portion, and the city’s portion? At a time when money is so tight I agree with Teri. STOP THE FUNDING.