Letter: Wright County Human Services employee offers strike background

To the editor:

The Wright County Human Services employees have been in negotiations for a contract for over a year.
In fact we are coming close to a year and a half without a contract.
Human services employees bridge the gap. We are the people that connect with the community on a daily basis.
We all know people in our family, our friends, or our neighbors who have needed the services we provide.
We, as child protection workers, financial workers, public health nurses, long term care coordinators and child support officers, to name a few, connect with those who are experiencing a time in their life when they are most vulnerable and in need.
The citizens of Wright County know they can call upon us to provide services with empathy, respect and efficiency.
Yet even as Wright County citizens, human service employees are not treated with fairness and equity.
The Wright County Board of Commissioners and the county coordinator are responsible for the lengthy drawn out negotiations of our contract.
When you hear of a possible strike in human services you should know it is because while we have taken on more clients and larger caseloads due to greater need in the community, county management is denying us even a 1 percent cost-of-living increase.

Gina Flanigan