New River schedules CentraCare affiliation community meeting

Community members are invited to learn about New River Medical Center’s affiliation plans with CentraCare at a community meeting Thursday, March 21, at 7 p.m.
New River officially joins the CentraCare family April 1 under lease and affiliation agreements signed by both organizations. Hospital district residents can attend the community meeting in Board Room A to hear a legal overview as well as additional commitments CentraCare has made to invest in the community.
The agreements confirm CentraCare’s pledge to strengthen and grow local health care services, a March 8 news release stated.
CentraCare Health Systems’ commitments to the Monticello-Big Lake Hospital District and communities it serves include reopening an obstetrics and birth center no later than the spring of 2014 to serve the women and growing families of the community.
CentraCare will recruit and maintain primary care and specialty providers who support local health care and invest in facility, capital and technological advances in order for the New River Medical Center facility to remain state-of-the-art, the news release stated.
CentraCare remains dedicated to maintaining, developing and growing services to ensure that a continuum of health care services is offered and provided locally; ensuring financial viability through commitments regarding current debt and offsetting operating losses in order to avoid future hospital district tax levies; encouraging and enabling local input for health care through community representatives on a local governing board and providing opportunities for existing employees to become employed by the new CentraCare affiliate organization.
According to the news release, these commitments represent “a significant financial investment into the health and well-being of the community,” but more important than monetary investments, New River’s partnering with CentraCare brings much needed growth and stability to the local health care community.
New River Medical Center’s name change to CentraCare Health-Monticello also becomes effective April 1.
According to a background sheet included in this week’s New River Medical Center Board of Directors meeting agenda, affiliation-related research indicated the new affiliated organization’s name needed to include CentraCare as well as represent the medical center’s geographic location.
CentraCare has employed this naming structure across their other system locations.
Additionally, the name change must be initiated by April 1 in order to appropriately and efficiently update required licenses and contracts, the March agenda background sheet stated.

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