Letter: Concentrate on preventing violence, not gun control effort

To the editor:

Is “gun control” the right direction to go? Not to diminish the losses experienced throughout our county, but consider; might not some of the deaths been averted if someone (with training) with the “right to carry” had been on the scene?
Concentrate on the violence itself. Look at the violence that is presented daily. Why do we accept visuals that promote violence, desensitize our sense of right and wrong?  Much of what is shown today would have once been considered pornographic. We seem to be glorifying the dark side of the supernatural while removing the True Light. We have lowered our standards to our own harm.
Instead of taking away “rights,” stress “responsibilities.”
Let the film and video makers know they have pushed the envelope too far. Let the advertisers of questionable materials on TV know of your objection. Let’s promote modest dress, encouraging respect. Forget “situational ethics,” let it be known there is “right and wrong.”
Instead of reducing or ridiculing the Bible, ridding our country of prayer and all Judeo-Christian values, let’s put them in the rightful places and see the improvement over “gun control.”

BeBe Smith
Big Lake

  • Jason Forster-Kulhanek

    The letter suggests more guns on the scene in the hands of “good guys” could have saved the day. If such was the case then the “Wild West” would have been the most peacable place and time in American history. Also, the retreat to the Bible as a source of all goodness is questionable given the “history” contained in that book. How many various tribes did God command and applaud the Isrealites for killing in the Old Testament? How many cases of rape, incest and slavery were described in the Bible and, again, applauded by God? Video games and movies may be morally apprehensible, however their antecedent is the Bible.