Fair and Westveer honored as the best of the best… again

The saying history repeats itself tends to allude to history of the ancient sort. But Paul Fair and Dirk Westveer spent the past year proving that phrase can apply to pretty recent history as well.
Just weeks after Fair repeated, or three peated, his performance as a Class A State Champion in four events, the Magic swimmer and his coach were named the Minnesota Class A Boys Swimmer of the Year and the Minnesota Class A Boys Coach of the Year, respectively, for the second straight year.
“It’s pretty humbling,” said Westveer. “There have been a few back-to-back winners, but not a lot.”
Fair and Westveer made pretty convincing cases to earn the honor once again.
Fair, a senior, came straight off a football season during which he started on both offense and defense and hopped into the pool.
Not only did he get a late start on the season, but he also had to battle through a shoulder injury that had started bothering him in the fall. Still, while it might have held his times back a little, it was never enough to knock Fair out of the pool, or even the top spot.
“He’s a strong competitor with a bulldog attitude,” said Westveer. “Physically, he’s a specimen. Really, that kid could probably excel in any sport.”
But in swimming he found himself being coached by one of the most respected coaches in the state. Westveer says this season was one of his most difficult as a coach. The team faced the highest expectations they ever have. And again, they reached them. And for that, Westveer was honored again. But as the honors pile up, he knows he’s only as good as the kids he coaches.
“Having your reputation based on the performance of teenage kids [is scary],” said Westveer. “But our guys have been fantastic.”