Letter: Parents need to use common sense when it comes to weather events

To the editor:

Parents who were upset and complaining about the school not closing early enough April 12, I have a question for you. Why did you not keep your child home?
Why did you not make the decision instead of waiting for the school’s decision? We as parents are ultimately responsible for our children and if you thought it was not safe for your child to go out in the weather, then you should have kept your child home.
Mother Nature is unpredictable and the storm came in fast and hard. Instead of focusing on the negative, focusing on the positive would be better.
There is always a positive in every situation and it is always best to look and focus on the positive than on the negative.
Instead of the school being swarmed with complaints, the bus company should have been swarmed with phone calls of thanks and praise to the drivers for getting every child home safely, no matter how long that took.
It was not an easy task driving those buses. It was the hardest drive I have had in the 10 years that I have driven bus, yet I got every student home safely! Life would be much better if people would stop complaining and blaming others and start looking for the positive.
There is so much in life to be thankful for every day.

Barb Tummel