Letters: Pinewood students pen persuasive letters as part of class assignment

Editor’s Note: Students in Deb Hoaby’s third-grade class at Pinewood Elementary in Monticello were recently given a persausive letter-writing assignment. Most of Hoaby’s students wrote to their parents requesting material items or extra privileges. A couple of children wrote to the school board requesting vending machines at Pinewood, and three students wanted to have their voices heard by the community, so they wrote letters to the editor to the Monticello Times. Two of the letters are timely because they request tree plantings associated with Earth Day, April 22.

To the editor:
If you cut down a tree that’s still living, you just cut down a life. When you cut down a tree, plant two new ones. If you cut down too many trees, you won’t be able to breathe because trees give oxygen.
When you can’t breathe, you won’t be living anymore because you need oxygen to live. Trees look very nice when people walk past them. Trees also help the environment keep green. Who would want to cut down a beautiful, life-saving tree?

Rose Curtis

To the editor:
I want more people to adopt cats and dogs from the pound. I want the dogs and cats not to get euthanized. Every dog and cat deserves to live, because what did they ever do to you? Think about it. You could save a life. I think every dog or cat deserves a loving family and a home. I know that I couldn’t do anything without my family. So if you adopt an animal, you’re saving a life.

Holly Holker

To the editor:
Please, please put this in the paper for others to see my idea. If you don’t, you’ll make me cry and never stop. You wouldn’t want to do that. Here’s my opinion. We should plant three trees for every tree we cut down because trees give us oxygen.
If we don’t plant trees after we cut one down, there will be less and less trees for oxygen. We all want to live longer, so if there are more trees, that equals more oxygen.
If we plant more trees there will be more wonderful beautiful colors and sights. In the winter the trees look wonderful with snow stuck on them. In spring, summer and fall, all of the colors are a beautiful sight.
We should plant three trees for every tree we cut down because trees give us a very fresh smell in the air. They can also give us a flowery smell in the air. That’s why we need to plant more trees for every one we cut down.

Emily Lovegren