Monticello council sets May 13 date for Minnesota Street vacation public hearing

The Monticello City Council will conduct a public hearing May 13 to consider vacation of a portion of Minnesota Street located south of West Seventh Street.
Council members adopted a resolution Monday night to officially call for the 7 p.m. hearing. The street vacation process is associated with the nearby street extension project. An unused portion of Minnesota Street that hasn’t served as a street for many years will be affected by West Seventh Street extension work.
Cathy Shuman, deputy city clerk and project coordinator, and Shibani Bisson, a senior project manager with WSB & Associates, provided reference and background about the Minnesota Street public hearing in a memo to council. Previously, city staff discussed vacating the affected portion of the street with RiverWood Bank to provide contiguity between their properties located on either side of Minnesota Street.
If the portion of the street is vacated, Schuman and Bisson stated the east 33 feet of the street would revert to the property owner of Lot 1, Block 1, Kirkman Addition and the west 33 feet would revert to the property owners of two pieces of unplatted property.
The owners of the affected pieces of land are RiverWood Bank and the city of Monticello.
A drainage and utility easement will be retained within the vacated street since there are existing public utilities within the street.
In addition, a storm sewer force main is planned to extend within the retained easement to accommodate a future outlet for the pond system along Highway 25, south of Interstate 94.
According to Shuman, state statutes required a public hearing in order for the council to consider the street vacation.
City leaders unanimously approved the hearing resolution Monday.

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