Monticello High School foreign exchange students share thoughts

A desire to improve their English and experience American life led this year’s smaller-than-usual group of Monticello High School foreign exchange students to spend a year abroad.
Five international students, hailing from four different continents, took part in the Rotary’s student exchange program this year in Monticello:
Leonard (Leo) Baumgart of Germany, Gabriella Silva of Brazil, Carlos Ibares Loncan of Spain and Daiche Moteki of Japan stayed all school year. A fifth exchange student, Tayla Boucher of South Africa, spent part of the year in Monticello.

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story.

  • Brent & Shirley Norlem

    What an excellent piece of POSITIVE home-town reporting! This is reminiscent of the local education coverage of the Monticello Times of the 1980s (we relocated to Monticello in 1980 because we wanted to live in a community with a strong community newspaper). Alas, during the past decade, we have sent only selected clips from the Monticello Times to relatives and friends – but things have changed with ECM’s acquisition of the Times. We are again truly proud of our hometown newspaper and are mailing tomorrow 18 full copies of the Times to some of our regular correspondents (eight of them abroad). Brava! ENCORE!