Council grants work hour extension for trail project contractor

Contractor crews will be allowed to work longer hours to complete Great River Trailways and Trailhead improvement project in order to meet a critical deadline.
Monticello City Council members approved a motion May 28 that extends working hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
WSB & Associates, Inc., the city’s consulting engineering firm, reported in a city council background memo the request was made by Gertken Brothers, Inc.
According to WSB, extending the working hours provides the contractor flexibility to work longer hours if needed to perform critical activities in order to meet the project completion dates. The critical date the contractor needs to meet is that of paving trail Segment 1 and Segment 2 between West River Street and Montissippi Park by June 30 in order for the city to receive Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)grant funding. It is not possible to extend the deadline for the DNR funding. City staff recommended approval of the request since the project is fairly isolated from nearby residential areas where typically the city would receive complaints due to noise from equipment starting up and running or backing up on construction projects. It is also critical that the project meet the June 30th completion date or the city could risk of losing the DNR funding. City staff will provide construction inspection services for the trail project.
The project will provide bicyclists and pedestrians with a safe, grade-separated route to County Road 75 when traveling between residential neighborhoods and city and county park facilities, including Montissippi Regional Park and Xcel Energy and city ball fields.
The project will also connect to regional trail systems including the national Mississippi River Trail and a future regional trail system along County 75 between Monticello and Clearwater as identified in the Wright County Trail and Bikeway Plan.
The project is also intended to enhance access to existing natural areas and to provide opportunities for recreational bicycling and walking. The trailhead adjacent to the Montissippi Park access road, will include a gravel parking area for approximately 20 vehicles along with trail and drive aisle connections.
The trailhead will have a kiosk to provide trail users with information about the Mississippi River Trail, the Great River Road Scenic Byway, and local and county parks and recreational facilities.
Council members approved working hours extension at part of the May 28 meeting consent agenda.

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