Tom Emmer plunges into race for 6th District seat

“Join us in bringing the spirit of Main Street to Washington,” said Delano attorney Tom Emmer, as he announced that he is running to represent the Sixth District in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Emmer, a Republican, chose a location for his announcement that is keeping with this theme — Lions Park on River Street, one of the main streets of Delano. He took a risk in choosing an outdoor site for unveiling his candidacy and won. Rain stopped just in time for press and the crowd to gather.
He said he was surprised by the decision of current Republican Representative Michele Bachmann to not seek another term. “Michele has served the citizens of the Sixth District well,” Emmer said.
After discussing the possibility of running for Bachmann’s seat with his wife Jackie and his children, he decided to run once again for public office.
His most recent campaign for public office ended with his narrow loss to Mark Dayton in the race for Minnesota governor in 2010. Emmer served on city councils in Independence and Delano and went on to serve for six years as a state representative from Wright County.
“I have to tell you that I have never felt more compelled in my life to serve,” Emmer said about running in the Sixth District. “It seems like every day we hear about another out of control Washington power grab. The IRS has targeted grass roots groups based upon their political leanings.”
He also mentioned the Justice Department obtaining telephone records of reporters and trying to tell Congress that this was legal. Then he talked about Americans paying for bureaucrats staying at $3,500 a night hotel rooms and spending thousands for portraits of Michael Jordan and a happiness expert.
Emmer said that, according to recent polls, one in five of Americans “do not trust their government to do what’s right and a clear majority of Americans believe our country is headed in the wrong direction.”
“I’m running for Congress to change the culture in Washington and restore Americans’ trust in our government,” he said.
The partisan crowd cheered many of his comments during his speech.

Susan Van Cleaf is a reporter for the South Crow Delano Eagle, a Sun Press Newspaper.