Former Monticello business owner Daryl Fischbachremembered by many

A quick peek at social media tells one just how beloved Daryl Fischbach was. Every person sharing their condolences on a family member’s Facebook Wall has their own story about the Monticello stalwart, known for his successful venture with Kentucky Fried Chicken, but even more so for his smile, his wave and his ability to remember every name.
Fischbach died June 23 at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale.He was born in 1946, and spent his childhood years in Osseo. As a young adult, Fischbach, and his wife Ellen, moved to Monticello Township, opening up Monticello’s first KFC in 1976. He ended up in Monticello arbitrarily, but the location of his store came to mean everything, as he meant so much to the community.
“It was the closest town to the cities that KFC would offer,” said Daryl’s son, Joe Fischbach.

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