Letter: Another resident has concerns about crosswalk

To the editor:

Mark Gookin is not the only one who has a complaint about vehicles not stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks (June 27 Monticello Times, “Pedestrian safety in downtown Monticello is questioned”).
It was the middle of the day on June 26 or June 27 when my sister and I were on our way to the post office. We were two blocks west of Highway 25 where we crossed over.
We waited until the eastbound traffic cleared and we started across. Traffic was light and we had just started onto the westbound lanes after checking traffic when I noticed this one vehicle approaching. I quickly stopped, making sure my sister also stopped. The lady driver just kept on going, hardly looking at us.
She would have had plenty of time to stop without having to slam on her brakes. We could have been hit again on June 30 when we were crossing on Cedar when we had to wait for eastbound traffic to clear before we could continue to cross.
Aren’t there signs up stating they are supposed to stop? We are both in our 80s, but still know enough to check traffic or I’m sure we would have been struck.
Drivers, please wake up to the rules of the highway. You could save yourself and other a lot of grief.

Jim Hunter