Letter: Riverfest event success depends on food, beverage booth patronage

To the editor:
The week has arrived for Riverfest. This event is brought to you by more than 15 different organizations and more than 100 volunteers.
Planning meetings have been held monthly for 10 months, and all things are in order. We have structured a budget for all events, and are now praying for great weather.
As I’m sure you are aware, our volunteers are just that, volunteers.
They take much of their time to make this event a success year after year doing setup behind the scenes, actual event implementation, tear down, and evaluation of what worked and what didn’t for future events.  Please take time this weekend to thank some of these people.
You will see them all over, wearing the Riverfest hats or colors. Most all events are free to attend, and the only way we can pay for these is to sell concessions and beverages.
It is important that all those attending respect the efforts put forth and not bring their own food and beverage to any event.
The sales of these items are the only thing that pays the bills for Riverfest. This year the committee elected to post signs at some of the events as a gentle reminder of this fact.To help continue our tradition of Riverfest success, please recognize the huge efforts of the planning committee with a “Thank You.”
Finally, please visit and patronize our Riverfest food and beverage booths.

Wes Olson

Editor’s Note: Olson is a member of the 2013 Monticello Riverfest Committee.