Monticello residents sound off about plan for apartments

The Monticello Planning Commission conducted a public hearing last week to consider a rezoning and comprehensive plan amendment from St. Cloud-based IRET Properties for a 92-unit apartment building on 5.2 acres of vacant property within the southeast quadrant of County Highway 39 and Hart Boulevard.
IRET is seeking rezoning and re-designation of the city land use requirements for the site from commercial and regional business zoning to residential and medium-high density residential.  The project received strong opposition from residents during a July 2 public hearing.

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story

  • Richard Van Allen

    I tried to print the complete article from your archives with no luck. (I do happen to be a paper subscriber) My interest is to make other residents near the proposed building site aware of what’s about to happen that will affect their homes and the investment they have made in Monticello.
    Every homeowner has made the investment of a lifetime, by purchasing, building and choosing to raise their family in Monticello. Relying on the zoning promises listed by the city; in future land use plans, they have come to rely on that plan and on being a part of any planned change.
    It is a lot healthier to be aware prior to any building being started.
    Personnaly I think the indicated type of development that appears in the July 11, Times is detrimental to the area in appearance and traffic.