Riverfest talent show expands beyond Friday night performers

by Mike Talbott
Contributing Writer

Can’t make it to the Riverfest talent show on Friday night?
Come to Ellison Park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday July 13, to hear local artists perform while you enjoy a “Taste of Monticello” and visit the many artist and craft vendors at participating this year’s Riverfest Art in The Park.
“We have many talented performers right here in our local area at various stages of development in their talents,” said Perry Sloneker, Master of Ceremonies for Friday night’s talent showcase and a board member of the Monticello Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Singer-songwriter Jim Anthony is from Buffalo. He’ll will appear on stage at 1:45 pm. Saturday at Riverfest during Art in the Park. (Submitted Photo)
Singer-songwriter Jim Anthony is from Buffalo. He’ll will appear on stage at 1:45 pm. Saturday at Riverfest during Art in the Park. (Submitted Photo)

“It seemed a shame after all their hard work preparing for the talent show, to give them just one opportunity to show what they can do, so we decided to offer another venue for them to perform for our community,” Sloneker, said.
So, starting at 10 a.m. this Saturday, July 13, six groups ranging from middle school age to seniors will perform for the Riverfest crowd.
For some, this will only be their second public performance. Others, namely locals Tony Klein and Jim Anthony, will experience a homecoming of sorts because both started performing long ago in local talent showcases. Both perform professionally.
Klein, from Monticello, has been playing country music for more than 10 years and has recorded in Nashville and in top notch studios here in Minnesota.
With some regional touring under his belt, he performs mostly in our local area and he currently ranks No. 10 in ReverbNation’s local country artist rankings.
Klein will take the stage at 1 p.m. Saturday.
Singer-songwriter Jim Anthony is from Buffalo. He’ll appear on stage starting at 1:45 pm. He has performed and toured nationally, and has recorded six CD’s.
Many of Anthony’s recordings have been done with his current label in Nashville (StrongHouse Records), but his most recent CD was recorded and produced by Anthony in Monticello, then mixed and mastered in Nashville.
His new CD, “From Whom All Blessings Flow,” is due out in late August. It’s his second release of the year
“What clearly defines Jim Anthony, aside from his musicianship, songwriting skills, and polished sound, is his soulful message; a message of hope, encouragement, and truth,” wrote Rich Larson, reviewer for Southern Minnesota Scene Magazine.
“The honest and heartfelt lyrics speak of life experiences that we can all identify with. When you close your eyes and listen to the words you can almost smell the dust being brushed off a farmer’s hand as he faces yet another day without rain, or see the factory worker wipe the sweat from her forehead as she thinks of her children’s futures.”

Editor’s Note: Michael Talbott is a principal with JoyFul Noise Ministries.