Letters to the Editor: July 18

Food shelf parade participants thank those who contributed money

To the editor:
Thank you to all those who have made donating to the Monticello Food Shelf part of the Riverfest parade tradition! The Monticello Monarchs 4-H club collected almost $500 and over 40 pounds of food for the Food Shelf along the parade route. We live in a wonderful community with so many caring people!

Lisa Sell
Keith Wilts

Editor’s Note: Sell and Wilts are Monticello Monarchs 4-H club leaders

Pipeline for oil is a much better option to secure energy transportation

To the editor:

Our president gave a speech recently on the subject of energy and climate. There is much to think about in his words but consternation comes to mind when you consider what he said about the Keystone XL pipeline project.
He stated the project could go ahead if “this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.”Canada is proceeding with the project, with or without the pipeline.  So any carbon from that source becomes decision neutral and building or not building the pipeline will have no impact.
To the bureaucrats having to follow these words and do the investigation to come up with a recommendation is not an easy assignment.
Should they consider alternate modes of moving oil in bulk?  Rail cars versus a pipeline?
I would suspect that analysis and comparison would favor the pipeline over the on-going cost of running the trains and feeding them their energy.
The part to focus on amongst President Obama’s words would be where he indicated approval depended on if “…doing so would be in our nation’s interest.”
How can someone deny that building the pipeline will help the USA become somewhat more energy independent from the Mid-East?  The risk versus the reward in my judgment says lets start digging ASAP.
It has been on hold too long.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township

Please leave the dogs at home when it’s time to head to Riverfest parade

To the editor:

Oh, my goodness, the Riverfest parade was so fun. Lots of candy was thrown.
There were sirens and a beating hot sun. The tar was very warm.
There were motorcycles roaring and the Shriners’ cars were backfiring.
Did you think about your pet, who was wearing a fur coat and no shoes?
This is not to criticize, merely to mention that I don’t think dogs enjoyed the parade.
I know you love your dog.
I have two of them of my own (Zeke and Zoey) and I love them with my whole heart.
That is what prompted me to write this. I am merely being a voice for those who cannot speak.
Walk your dogs before it gets too warm, but please do not bring them to parades.

Mary Sterbuck