Wright County population numbers continue to rise

The Wright County Board of Commissioners is well aware of the population shift in the county. All five commissioner positions were forced to be up for election last year because of the disproportionate growth of the county along the I-94 corridor.
As a result, when redistricting took place, the formula for determining the size of the new commissioner districts was done with an eye on keeping the districts most likely for continued growth to be smaller than the other districts. A year after redistricting, the consensus view is so far, so good.
At the July 16 meeting of the Wright County Board, the commissioners accepted the State Demographer’s estimate of county population. Auditor/Treasurer Bob Hiivala said that the demographer reports are estimates, but, they are estimates that carry a lot of weight when it comes to state funding for local government units.
“The census is the only official figure that we have when it comes to determining population,” Hiivala said. “But that’s only done every 10 years. In between those times, the state demographer numbers are the ones that are used to estimate populations of counties. We got the numbers a month ago, but didn’t release them until (July 16) because there is an opportunity for cities or townships to challenge the estimates on their population. The numbers show that the county is continuing to grow – just not as we have in the past.”

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