Monticello council OKs FiberNet service contract plan

The Monticello City Council has given FiberNet General Manager Mark Pultusker the authority to establish multi-month service contracts with customers.
Council members unanimously approved a consent agenda motion to approve the contract option during their July 22 meeting. There was no discussion.
According to City Administrator Jeff O’Neill, when FiberNet services were first being provided, service was provided on a month-to-month basis with customers having the flexibility to cancel service at will.
In addition, no contract service was a feature that was quite attractive to consumers and a strong selling point for FiberNet, O’Neill stated on a background memo.
“Today, given the evolution of the competitive market and the steep reduction in incumbent pricing, it now makes sense to consider allowing the general manager to have the flexibility to establish term contracts with customers, especially in situations where there is a significant capital investment necessary to serve a customer,” O’Neill wrote, adding service contracts can be positive for consumers because they provide assurance service will remain the same over time.

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