Monticello royalty recaps coronation experience

Addison Schnabel knew she wouldn’t be a crier. She isn’t an emotional one. Winning queen would be awesome, but it wouldn’t lead to tears.

Then that crown touched the top of her head, and everything changed.

“It was just like shock, and I lost it,” said Miss Monticello, when she, Princess Brianna Ye and Princess Sydney Blonigen sat down with the Monticello Times recently. “It’s an honor, it just rushed over me that I got to do this now.”

For all three girls, their lives were changed for the better with the honor of that crown.

Interestingly, none of the three girls may have had the opportunity if they hadn’t been prodded to run for royalty in the first place.

“I was always like no I’m not that girl to go wear a crown,” said Schnabel. “I didn’t really think I was like the right material.
But I heard it was a lot of community service, and a good way to give back and represent the community, so that’s what got me interested.”

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story.