Wright County Board prepares to enter budget process

There isn’t much after seven months that the new members of the Wright County Board of Commissioners haven’t seen by this point.

But one of the most critical jobs the county board tackles each year is the budget process – setting the budget and levy for the following year.

It’s a process that will take up the entire month of August and it will be done with a lot of new faces. Not only will there be four new commissioners involved, for the first time in 30 years, County

Coordinator Dick Norman won’t be overseeing the process.
Interim County Coordinator Lee Kelly will take over the role of guiding the commissioners through the budget meetings and said he’s ready for the daunting challenge.

“I’ve been involved in the process, but not at the level I will be this year,” Kelly said. “We had a lot of people who had worked on this process for a lot of years that won’t be there this year, from Dick Norman to the commissioners. It’s going to be a new process for a lot of us this time around.”

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