Letter: Monticello Community Strings concert was outstanding

To the editor:
As I was sitting in the Monticello High School auditorium Aug. 1 listening to the Monticello Community Strings Orchestra perform, one word kept coming into my mind: Outstanding.
I and a three-quarters full audience were spending a couple hours listening to various orchestras perform and it certainly demonstrated we have a lot of talent locally.
The two conductors were very professional in all their leadership activities.  The folks playing the instruments on stage were the full range of ages from very young to into retirement ages.  But all blended together with a very impressive array of music.
And of course their patron, Jeff Burns, was present in all the groups with his significant talent.
Much of the music had an America theme with rolling tumbleweed sounds and other Western events.
The reading of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address was also a stirring cover to the background music appropriate for that day.
Many of us know the starting phrase: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent ….”
(As an aside, an early draft that Lincoln wrote used the starting words “About 80 years ago”.  History  appreciates that significant change!)
The music being played added greatly to the words and the meaning.
Thank you to all for your significant contribution to make some beautiful sounds that evening.  There is no question the audience enjoyed all of it.

Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township