Wright County Board nixes one metal detector

When County Commissioner Charlie Borrell took office, one of his first goals was to get rid of the metal detectors at the entrance doors of the county courthouse, claiming the detectors were a basic violation of human rights.

At the Aug. 6 meeting of the Wright County Board, Borrell got a victory of sorts, as the board voted to eliminate one of the metal detectors and move the other. The only question remaining is where will it go?

“Those metal detectors angered me every time I walked through them,” Borrell said. “I just thought it was ridiculous to make everyone who enters the courthouse to go through those metal detectors and I’m glad we’re finally going to get them out of the entrance doors.”

Aside from Wright County, the only other county in Minnesota that has metal detectors at the entrance doors of its county courthouse is Hennepin County.

But, there remain questions as to where the detectors will be moved. Just about every county in the state has metal detectors outside its courts area and Wright County will keep at least one metal detector to assure that people heading into courtrooms can’t potentially bring weapons in.

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story.