Silver Creek Township anticipates cost savings from road resurfacing

A recently completed Silver Creek Township road improvement project features an innovative approach for creating a hard surface road alternative to asphalt.

The Curtis Avenue N.W., 115th Street N.W. and Barton Avenue N.W. project forms a 4-mile long loop starting at County Highway 75 and ending north of Interstate 94.

According to Silver Creek Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Langenbacher, the project consists three-eighths inch rock chips applied over bituminous primer coats placed on a prepared gravel road.

The final product consists of a bituminous-like paved surface approximately a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch thick. The road design is an affordable and less-costly option to installing asphalt, he said.

The project has an anticipated life of seven to 10 years at approximately 25 percent of the cost a standard asphalt road. With future sealing, the project is expected to last as long as an asphalt surface.

“It’s been done in Illinois and also in the Dakotas, but not too much in this state,” Langenbacher said. “it’s a new process for us, and basically the whole state. We have a number of people watching it closely.”

According to Langenbacher, Silver Creek Township officials anticipate saving of $8,000 to $10,000 annually over a typical gravel road in the form of reduced maintenance costs, elimination of periodic gravel replacement and elimination of the use of chlorides as a road stabilizer and dust control product.

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