Firefighters faced tricky task at Monticello Twin Cities Die Cast roof fire

Monticello and Big Lake firefighters successfully extinguished  a potentially serious exhaust vent and roof material fire at Twin Cities Die Cast Aug. 24.

Fire Chief Steve Joerg said Wright County Sheriff’s Deputy Missie Meemken reported fire and smoke coming from the roof at 9:38 a.m. last Saturday.

“Someone over at Monticello High School could see flames and smoke coming from the roof,” Joerg said. “Employees in the building tried to put the fire out with an extinguisher.

Deputies arrived and confirmed the smoke and fire was coming from an exhaust fan up on the roof.” After he arrived on-scene, Joerg went up through a roof access to survey the situation.

“Because of the magnesium on site, we knew not to use water on the fire,” Joerg said, referring to an area with 1,700 pounds of molten magnesium. Since any introduction of water into the magnesium would have caused an explosion, crews used fire extinguishers on the exhaust unit.

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story.