Silver Creek Township gets new road grader delivered


Silver Creek Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Langenbacher watches as the township’s new road grader is unloaded Monday morning. The road grader was purchased from the state’s bid pricing list. Equipment suppliers submit bids for equipment based on certain state specifications.

Silver Creek’s road grader comes with a seven-year or 5,000- hour warranty. Langenbacher said the township purchased a new grader as a cost-savings measure; an anticipated six-tire replacement on the current grader would have involved spending $2,000 for each tire. The 12-year-old existing grader had other anticipated repairs but still had a high trade-in value.

Township Maintenance Supervisor Brian Opatz said the new grader doesn’t have a steering wheel; the grader’s turning and blade movements are operated via joystick-like controls on either side of the operator.   (Photo by Tim Hennagir)