Wright County Board ready to embrace social media trend, technology

There are certain things that have never been associated with the Wright County Board of Commissioners. Among those would be the discussions trending on Twitter that include a Wright County Board hashtag.

At a time when technology is advancing rapidly and communication is changing, especially with younger county residents, the county’s system of operating has become a bit antiquated.

That might change soon. One of the first things the new county board, especially Commissioner Mark Daleiden, wanted when the changing of the guard came at the county board with infusion of four tech-savvy commissioners was to take the county out of the 1990s and into the 2010s.

As part of the county board’s Aug. 20 agenda, the commissioners referred discussion concerning significant advancements to the presentation of county board meetings and how the county conducts its business to the technology committee’s Sept. 11 meeting.

Topics to be discussed at that meeting include web streaming of county board meetings, digitizing the packet of board information to the county website, the conversion of committee minutes and documents to a digital format and a redesign of the county’s website.

“It’s an exciting time,” Information Technology Director Bill Swing said. “The vision of the new county board is to support transparency in county government. The goal is to make the county’s website much more interactive and make it much easier for those looking for services to find them on the website instead of having to come to the courthouse or wait in line.”

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