Monticello book booth project brainchild of MHS grad

By Kendra Hartzell
Monticello Times

Alicen Gorecki, a 2012 graduate of Monticello High School, has always been awestruck by words and language.

She even says that, in her free time, she will read anything she can get her hands on.

So when she stumbled across a picture of a book booth on Pinterest, she couldn’t wait to put one up in Monticello.

“I thought it would be a wonderful addition to my hometown, as I hadn’t seen any around,” said Gorecki.

Monti’s Mini Book Booth, located at Monticello’s West Bridge Park, is essentially a mini free library filled with used books.
Individuals of all ages are encouraged to take books from the library and leave one of their own in its place. The booth’s motto is: “take a book; leave a book.”

“My main goals in having put up this booth is to encourage reading, sharing and book discussion, promote interest in libraries, get all age groups involved and promote our park and town,” Gorecki explained.

After completing and, with help from the Monticello Parks Department, installing the booth in June of this year, Gorecki has visited the booth each week to ensure that there are books available and that they are appropriate for everyone.

“I have asked my church and others for used book donations to have on hand in case individuals are not leaving a book when they take one, so I have a lot of donated books to restock the booth if books begin to dwindle,” said Gorecki.

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