Wright County Board gives go-ahead to move metal detectors

For most of the summer one of the hottest topics among the Wright County Board of Commissioners has been the debate over the merit of having metal detectors at the entrance doors of the Wright County Courthouse.

At the Aug. 27 meeting of the county board, the commissioners voted unanimously to move the metal detectors about 30 feet from its current location.

As part of a review of the Aug. 21 building committee minutes, in which a dozen department heads were in attendance stating their case that employees feel safer with the metal detectors at the front and back entrances of the courthouse, the recommendation was to hire a firm to do a security audit of the courthouse.

It opened the debate on the topic as to whether the county should potentially spend thousands of dollars for a decision as simple as moving the metal detectors down a short hallway.

“I think we’re making more of this than there is,” Commissioner Charlie Borrell said. “This isn’t a $200,000 project. It’s a matter of unplugging a 110-watt cord moving it 20 or 30 feet. It’s a half- hour job.”

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