Letters to the Editor

Criticisms against apartment project are unfounded, says local reader

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read the decision of the Monticello Planning Commission to deny allowing IRET to construct an apartment building on County Road 39.
Many homeowners spoke in opposition to the matter, however, the Planning Commission is a non-elected body with a duty to the principles of proper zoning and the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Many communities use multi-family residential as a buffer from commercial districts.
If they kept this in mind they might have reached a different decision. Many of the criticisms against the project are unfounded.
Concerns were raised by homeowners as to the income/social class, and unbelievably race, of potential renters and the impact on safety to the area at large.
As far as I know IRET does not rent to known felons and at a rental rate of $800-$1200 a month I believe the income of potential renters would be high.
The immediate surrounding area on Hart Boulevard and Mill Run Road is multi-family town homes, the project blends well, which makes criticism by these homeowners ironic.
Finally, some homeowners blunt effective zoning by being against all growth in Monticello whatsoever.
That being said I would recommend the Monticello City Council approve rezoning even though they are accountable to voters.

Matthew D. Frie