Wright County Board sets draft levy for 2014

For years, the Wright County Board of Commissioners have been noted for being “fiscally conservative” – a term others, including at least one current commissioner has referred to as meaning “cheap and shortsighted.”

But, at the Sept. 10 meeting of the county board, the commissioners came in with nearly identical draft budget for 2014 that they inherited in 2013.

The budget approved was for $102,355,468 – a drop of $455,000 from 2013 – and a certified levy (the amount paid by county residents in property tax) was set at $50,590,963 – an increase of just 40,300, which represents a .008 percent (eight-tenths of 1 percent) for this year’s levy amount.

“I was actually surprised the number came in that low,” Commissioner Mark Daleiden said. “I think the important thing we accomplished during the budget hearings was that we’ve got a plan for the future. The future is going to require us to do more with less. To achieve that, you’ll need technology and that was a focus of our hearings this year.”

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