Wright County Board continues its metal detector debate

When the topic of moving the metal detectors at the entrance doors of the Wright County Courthouse came up a couple of months ago, Commissioner Charlie Borrell said it was a personal freedom issue.
Two months later, it’s become a bureaucratic mess as the debate continues where to move them.
With nine days until the self-imposed deadline to move the metal detectors, the location took another turn at the Sept. 17 board meeting.
Several department heads and a couple of judges spoke to the matter as the commissioners debated whether moving the metal detector up to the second floor near where the courts are or on the first floor near the stairway and elevator leading up to the courts area.
While the sheriff’s department is mandated to protect the judges, jurors and court administration employees, County Attorney Tom Kelly said that they’re not the only ones who face the potential threat of an irate citizen. He knows from where he speaks because he’s dealt with death threats of his own.
The issue of personal freedom vs. employee safety has been the subject of considerable debate since the board voted this summer to move the metal detectors from the entrance doors.

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