Pinewood Elementary program exercises student brains, bodies

Since Sept. 10 more than 60 students have participated in a new program titled Read and Run Club at Pinewood Elementary School in Monticello.  The goal of the program is to not only get students to be engaged academically, but physically as well.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 3:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.students met in the Pinewood West Media to read for a half-hour, following up their reading with outdoor running activities when possible.
The program was serviced through Targeted Services funding and was taught by Pinewood teachers Masey McDowell, Mike McDowell, Amber Kujawa, Noah Youngs and Lisa Hageman. Throughout the last four weeks, students completed a mile run to Otter Park. In honor of their last day of class Oct. 10, students participated in a “mini marathon” complete with Eric Olson (k-2 principal) handing out medals and prizes and Mr. Sanderson (3-5 principal) playing his drums for the kids. The Monticello girls cross country team also helped support and encourage the kids on the course. Masey McDowell visits with fifth grade students Riley Haven, Sophie Jude, Dakotah Parker, Samantha Johnson and Esme Bradach.

(Photo by Tim Hennagir)