Letters to the Editor: Oct. 31

Smith brings experience, people skills to Monticello school board

To the editor:

I would like to encourage residents of the Monticello School District to vote for Robbie Smith for the Monticello School Board.
I have known Robbie personally for over 20 years and he has always been a devoted husband and father, a faithful member of his church, and a constant supporter of the Monticello community in various avenues. He brings a great combination of business expertise, people skills, and a love for Monticello and Monticello education to his position as a board member.
He has spent four years as a board member and has a proven record of excellent representation for our school district.
A vote for Robbie Smith would be a vote for four more years of dedication and commitment to education in Monticello.

Roger A. Carlson

Smith, Spartz good choices in Monticello School Board election

To the editor:

In addition to continuing to support incumbent candidate Robbie Smith for the upcoming School Board election, I would urge residents to also vote for Bill Spartz.
Bill has been an active member of the community for a number of years.  His service has included work on the Monticello Planning Commission, involvement with youth through coaching, mentoring and volunteerism.
Bill has experience and is skilled in listening to all sides of complex issues, analyzing options and ultimately helping to achieve positive resolutions.
He has three children in the school district, and is an engaged member of our community that would serve as a great representative for us on the school board. I hope you will join me in voting for Bill Spartz and Robbie Smith Nov. 5!

Jodi Neuses

Smith brings quality, continuity to Monticello School Board

To the editor:

The upcoming election for school board in Monticello is a very important one, primarily because we are losing several quality people who have chosen not to run for re-election.
While running a school district and its finances can, on the surface, seem to be a simple process, when you factor in all the variables from legislative demands, rising costs, managing enrollment and competing with surrounding communities, it can be a daunting task.
This is why we need quality people and some continuity on our school board. Rob Smith is a quality individual that can give the school board that continuity.
He has served this community on the Park Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, and the city council. He has also been on the school board for four years and currently has two girls that are attending Monticello High School, so you know he has the best interests of our district and students at heart. Rob and I have had several conversations about the school district over the years and I believe him to be an open-minded individual who makes every effort to balance the quality of our children’s education with the costs associated with providing that education. Vote for Rob Smith for School Board ISD 882.

Rick Traver

Spartz’s skill set would help Monticello School District thrive

To the editor:

This letter is to encourage the voters of Monticello to cast their vote for Bill Spartz for School Board on Nov. 5.
Bill has lived in the Monticello community for nearly 20 years. His three children have been raised here and have attended Monticello schools (all in the high school this year). Bill has been an active community member, helping to coach many youth football, soccer, and softball teams.
In addition to helping with the youth he is involved in the Monticello community by being on the Monticello Planning Commission since 2004 and is the current Chairperson.
In going to many community events with Bill over the last decade my family has lived here, I have learned that he is engaged and committed to betterment of this community. He feels that now is the right time to broaden his community engagement by running for school board.
Bill also has many professional qualities that are desirable for a school board member. He works in the labor industry as a union negotiator.
He has helped negotiate dozens (if not hundreds) of contracts with different organizations. He is active in a pension board, which means he understands the complexities of funding pensions in these complicated times.
In short, Bill has the qualities that will help the Monticello School District thrive.
Please vote Nov. 5 and, when you do, place a vote for Bill Spartz.

Brad Wright