Monticello snow plowing, ice removal policy get council OK

Monticello’s Public Works snow plowing and ice removal policy for 2013-2014 calls for streets first and sidewalks second in the battle against Old Man Winter.
Streets Superintendent Tom Moores presented the policy to city leaders Monday night for approval. Each year the Monticello Public Works Department reviews the previous year’s snow plowing and ice removal policy and proposes updates to the document, Moores stated in a background memo.
Early in October, after all of the different divisions of public works have had an opportunity to check plow routes against new construction and changes Moores and his employees meet as a group for several hours to go over the policy in depth.
Comments generated from this group meeting often result in modifications and changes to the policy. These changes then are outlined and clearly marked in red in the draft document and brought forward to the city council for review, possible changes and adoption.
This document then becomes the framework for the snow plowing and removal operations throughout the city. Moores told the council that the public works director title has been removed from the current policy because those duties have been directed to the street superintendent until further notice.
Dundas Road from Highway 25 east to Fallon Aveune has been added as a primary snow emergency route due to Xcel Energy’s maintenance shop being located on that road, Moores said. Secondary snow emergency route changes include adding Edmonson Avenue from Chelsea Road to 85th Street N.E. due to the amount of traffic, as well as it being a main road into the city from the south. Cedar Street from Oakwood Drive to the end was also added because of traffic.
Fallon Avenue from Chelsea Road to 85th Street N.E. was added as a secondary due to the amount of traffic and the proximity to Little Mountain Elementary.

See this week’s print edition of the Monticello Times for the complete story.