Six Monticello School District 882 candidates are on Tuesday’s Election Day ballot.

Carol McNaughton, Kerry Schmitz, Robbie Smith, Nicole Soucy, William Spartz and Karen Vetsch are running for office.

The board terms for Scott Hill, Liz Leitch-Sell, and Robbie Smithexpire at the end of this year. Hill and Leitch-Sell did not file for re-election, and Smith currently serves as board chairman and is running for another term. Terms are 4 years.

Polling is at one location only, the Monticello Middle School, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters should enter the middle school’s arena entrance.

You must be a resident of the Monticello School District and be 18 or older to be eligible to vote. Voters can register ahead of time or at the voting place the day of the election. Questions regarding registration requirements can be addressed to Jill Tessier at (763) 272-2003.

The Monticello Times ran candidate profiles in its Oct. 20 edition. These profiles and related stories remain online and can be accessed by searching “Monticello School Board” in the web page search bar.