Letter: Presidential promise didn’t carry much weight

To the editor:

More than 20 years ago, our family bought on the open market a health insurance policy that we decided met our health care needs, lifestyle, finances, provided an acceptable amount of risk, and satisfied many other factors.
Over the years, as our situation changed, we modified that policy as we saw fit. We liked our policy.
About two years ago, the insurance underwriter that carried us canceled our policy and the policies of approximately 50,000 other policyholders because none of those policies met the criteria that the Affordable Care Act’s architects decreed were the hallmarks of something that is really, really, really health insurance.
Those 50,000 policies were killed and buried. The department that serviced those policies was closed. The employees were reassigned throughout the underwriter’s corporation or let go.
Now, the chief executive of the United States of America, who promised me that I could keep my health insurance policy if I liked it, has declared that canceled health insurance policies can be reinstated.
I am currently in the process of contacting my old underwriter, having them reopen the department that serviced those 50,000 policies, and resurrect from the dead those policies.
When I finish that, I’m going to my local Chevy dealer to order a brand spanking new 1955 two-door Bel Air convertible.

Kevin Christianson