Little Mountain students create unique artwork


Students at Little Mountain Elementary School recently completed a unique piece of artwork outside of the school’s media center. According to Denise Merritt, Little Mountain art teacher, fifth-grade students studied different artists who had created “Installation Artworks,” namely Jeanne-Claude, Christo, Andy Goldsworthy and a current exhibit at St. John’s University called “Lean On Me.” Typically, the exhibits are large in size and completed with a group effort and are not meant to last forever. Over a week every student was able to participate creating this large sculpture from newspapers and it was all up to them the direction of the project.  Afterwards students were asked for title suggestions. The following were submitted:  “The Queb of Life and Peace,” “News Flash!” “The Web of Friendship” “Stick Together”“The Web of Art” “The Web of Monticello” “The Wall of Peace” “The Newspaper Beaver Dam” “Beaver Dam” and “Student Web”
(Submitted Photos By Denise Merritt Little Mountain Art Teacher)