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The Monticello Board of Education held their regular school board meeting on Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. in the middle School district board room. Board Members: Jill Bartlett, Jeff Hegle, Scott Hill, Jim Lindberg, Liz Leitch-Sell, Robbie Smith and Superintendent Jim Johnson. Also present: District Administrators and community guests.
Location: District Board Room
Date: Monday, December 9th, 2013
Time: 5:00 p.m.
1. Call to Order Chair Robbie Smith
2. The Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of the Agenda
Approved by: Scott Hill; Seconded by: Jeff Hegle; Approved 6-0
3. Citizens Comments none
5. Consent Agenda
A. Approval of Minutes Regular Board Meeting, December 2, 2013
B. Consideration of Bills, Payroll and Receipts
C. Wire Transfers – November
D. Personnel Matters attached
Total Bills $169,310.79
Approved by: Liz Leitch-Sell; Seconded by: Jeff Hegle; Approved 6-0
6. FY13 Audit Presentation Dennis Hoogeveen, Clifton, Larson, Allen presented financial highlights of the Audited Fund Balances through June 30, 2013. The District has been given an unqualified and clean opinion on the financial statements. The complete 2012-2013 audit presentation can be found on the districts web site.
Audited amounts presented were as follows: General Fund – $6,697,494, Food Service – $48,728, Community Education – $561,558, Debt Service – $1,205,976
Approved by: Jeff Hegle; Seconded by: Jill Bartlett; Approved 6-0
7. Acceptance of Donation Jim Johnson, Superintendent presented a donation for board approval. 105 To Kill a Mockingbird books from the National Endowment for the Arts to Monticello High School for 9th Grade English.
Approved by: Jim Lindberg; Seconded by: Jeff Hegle; Approved 6-0
8. Food Service Presentation Hog Program Joe Happe, Food Service Director presented information on how Monticello School District Food Service and Sodexo is going to start a food scrap and leftover recycling program in our Schools.
9. 2014-15 Levy Tina Burkholder, Business Manage shared details about the Truth in Taxation hearing. The recommended levy is $286 greater than the 2012 payable 2013 property tax levy. This represents a 0% change in total school property taxes. The board approved 2013 Payable 2014 levy for $10,773,720. The full presentation can be viewed on the districts web site. Approved by: Scott Hill; Seconded by: Jeff Hegle; Approved 6-0
9. 2nd Reading of Policy 524 Jim Johnson, Superintendent presented policy 524 for a second reading for school board approval. Approved by: Jill Bartlett; Seconded by: Jim Lindberg; Approved 6-0
10. Request for Approval of High School Courses for 2014-15 Linda Borgerding, Director of Curriculum and Instruction presented three new High School courses for board approval; CIS Economics, CIS Business & Marketing and Body Shaping and Toning. Approved by: Scott Hill; Seconded by: Liz Leitch-Sell; Approved 6-0
11. Fall Activities Report Gary Revenig, Activities Director presented the 2013 Mississippi 8 Fall Sports Results. His report included; team stats, team highlights, participation number, fees and gate receipts.
Trap Shooting Activity Jim Johnson, Superintendent informed board members that Trap Shooting has met all the districts criteria to be put in place as a Monticello High School sports activity. He requested board approval for the program to begin spring 2014.
Approved by: Scott Hill; Seconded by: Jeff Hegle
With all board members voting motion carried 5-1. Aye: 5 Opposed 1
Jim Lindberg opposed; Approved 5-1
12. Superintendent Update Jim Johnson, Superintendent thanked Apollo Agency for nominating the school district for Business of the year and congratulated All Elements Roofing for winning. He also thanked the community for the donations over $500 given in 2013, totaling $115,613.
13. Recognition of School Board Members Robbie Smith, Board Chair, Jim Johnson, Superintendent and school board members presented board members Scott Hill and Liz Leitch-Sell a plaque and thanked them for their many years of service, as board members with the school district.
14. Future Meetings – Board members voted to approve the following upcoming school board meeting –
A. Regular School Board Meeting January 7, 2014 @ 5:00 pm
Approved by: Jim Lindberg; Seconded by: Jill Bartlett; Approved 6-0
Adjourn 6:33 p.m.
Approved by: Liz Leitch-Sell; Seconded by: Scott Hill; Approved 6-0
Jill Bartlett, Secretary/Clerk
This material is only a summary; the full text is available for public inspection at the administrative offices of the School District. A copy of the proceedings, other than attachments to the minutes, is available without cost at the offices of the Monticello School District or on line at

1/16/14, 3MT, Dec 9 Reg Min, 161367

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