Guest Column: Monticello Chamber Chatter update recaps recent events

Greetings, Monticello. Each month there will be a board member participating in writing this article to keep you posted on what is going on in Monticello through its Chamber of Commerce.
Here is a little update on what has been going with the Monticello Chamber of Commerce:  In 2013, we had a whirlwind of a year.  We have two new office staff (Marcy Anderson and Marie Jones).  They are fantastic and catching on very quickly to their duties and jobs.  We just wrapped up The Monticello Frostbite Challenge and what a great turnout it was!  We had 1,500 people show up for the Snowmobile Event on Saturday, 15 teams registered for Snow Golf, more than 250 Kids for the Free Kids Ice Fishing Contest, and 650 show up for the All Ages Fishing Contest with a total of about 840 tickets sold.  What a success!  We couldn’t have done it without the Monticello Lions, the Trailblazers Snowmobile Club, the Monticello Rotary, and Simply Outdoor Experiences.  Next year’s dates are Jan. 10 and Jan. 11  so mark your calendars.
Moving forward, we are looking to continue to grow and work together with the business community to be stronger and more efficient.  We are currently at around 350 members and we’re continually growing.
It is easy to be involved with such an amazing organization.  We aren’t just doing business together, we are becoming friends.  That is what makes us such a successful group.  We hope that you have the time to participate in one of our many events throughout the year.

Editor’s Note: Tara Thurber is the Monticello Chamber of Commerce & Industry Board of Directors Chair.